What is ZDP189 like?

ZDP189 stands for stainless steels of the highest grade manufactured by Hitachi Metals Ltd. The company is a representative steel maker in Japan. ZDP189 is excellent in sharpness and also excellent in the long-lasting property of such sharpness. Plus, it is very hard to get rusted. The steel hardness of ZDP189 is the tops among all kinds of cutlery steels available in the world. The highest steel hardness means the longest-lasting property of its sharpness. Taking advantage of its great property, our skillful blacksmiths carefully and wholeheartedly manufacture various types of cutlery one by one for the benefits of all our users.

The knives

Tips for Good Maintenance

Regarding ZDP189

“A Knife of any kind is believed to cut off evils and cut our ways open for our fortune and happiness,” say many legends. Knives have been well-treated as gifts since ancient times. Our flagship, ZDP189, is made of stainless steel and featured with the world- class hardness. So this knife is highly special and rarely available in the market.
Plus, this knife is “highly strong against rust” and “can maintain its great sharpness.”
To assure you of such great advantages thereof, we would like to share with you several important cautions as below before your use. Then, you will be able to enjoy its great advances to your heart’s contents as long as you pay attention to the following cautions.

  1. Regarding Grinding / Sharpening The degree of the hardness of our flagship, ZDP189, marks around 67:This is the highest-level hardness among all the stainless steels, brought about by Cryo-Treatment which is superior to Subzero-Treatment. This hardness also means ZDP189 is very difficult for normal knife-sharpeners to grind. Therefore, you are recommended to request a proper professional knife-sharpener for grinding a ZDP189 knife.
  2. Regarding Blade Edge The blade of ZDP189 is sharpened as thin as that of Convex Grind. Sharpened as too thin or thinner than that of Convex Grind results in blade-chipping. Even though the blade is very hard, be careful not to cut or try to cut very hard items such as bones, frozen foods, hard-surfaced pumpkins and so on. Otherwise, the blade may become chipped. ZDP189 knife is proper for cutting soft-surfaced foods such as raw fish, meats, and vegetables. ZDP189 is designed to cut these foods without crashing their inner fibers and bring out the delicious taste of these ingredients. That’s why ZDP189 is becoming popular among its users all over the world.
  3. Our Policy regarding Returns for Replacement Our ZDP189 knives are all 100% hand-made by our skillful craftspersons. Therefore, some knives may unavoidably have very fine scratches or grind marks. Others may unavoidably have a very slight difference in length or size. Based on this fact, we would be highly grateful to you if you could forgive such scratches, marks and/or very slight differences as a nice and individually-featured token of our craftsmanship.
    • Damascus → Its actual appearance shows white patterns on the whitey silver surface. ※ Every kitchen knife of this type shows beautiful patterns of a different texture, since each of them is hand-made, there is no other kitchen knife of the same patterns shown in the photo. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    • 3-Layers Type → Its actual appearance shows more whitey surface. ※Since they are all hand-made, a slight grinding marks or scars may remain on them unavoidably. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    • Kurouchi (Blackened Surface) → The actual appearance shows no hammered marks. ※ Every kitchen knife of this type shows beautiful black color of a different taste. Since each of them is hand-made, there is no other kitchen knife of the same taste shown in the photo. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    ※All our products are manufactured under highly severe quality controls. However, if you happen to find out any defective condition of our product, we are willing to accept the return thereof or replace such product with a good-conditioned one.
    ※We will never accept any product of ours once you use it or open the package thereof. If you want to return or replace our product due to your own reasons, the product must be a non-used one or the package thereof must not be opened yet. (In case that a customer wants to return or replace our product due to their own reasons, the freight and handling charges shall be borne by the customer him/herself. Furthermore, such return or replacement must be done within seven (7) days after the delivery thereof.)
  4. Please be well-informed that our current lead-time of your order will be quite long, just because we are receiving lots of orders now. Thanks in advance for your positive understanding and great patience until you receive your order.
  5. Please be well-informed that you will have to wait for six (6) months or about one (1) year as the lead-time if you order any of our products which are out of stock or any customized type.
  6. Banned or Prohibited Matters regarding our Products
    • Never use our knife-products for any other purposes than cooking or cutting foods.
    • Never touch the blade of our knife products. The blade is too sharp.
    • Be sure to keep our knife-products out of the reach of children for safety.
    • We shall take no responsibility for any injury or accident on users’ side caused by our knife-products and/or the blade thereof.
    • Be careful enough not to cut, hurt, injure or otherwise damage your fingers, hands or any other parts of your body. Use our knife-products at your full responsibilities.
  7. Important Treatment Before Use
    • Be sure to wash our knife-product carefully with any proper detergent for tableware or anything properly equivalent before
    • you use it for the first time after delivery.
    • Stainless-made kitchen knives are hard to get rusted, but this does not mean they will never get rusted. Rust on your kitchen knife resultuls from oxidation of any remains (including salty, acid, watery or any others) of the ingredients contained in foods you cut with the knife. Therefore, to prevent any rust from occurring, it is highly important for you to remove these remains every time you use the knife. You are highly recommended to wash carefully well your cutting board and knives after your cooking. Especially, your careful attention must be paid if you use our “Kurouchi (Blackened-Surface)-Type” of kitchen knife. This type may develop any rust on its surface if dirt or water is left on the surface and untreated afterward.
  8. How to Maintain Your Kitchen Knife
    1. Prepare a sponge, a liquid cleanser and your cutting board. Apply some cleanser to the sponge. Rub your kitchen knife with a sponge to wash off dirt while pushing the knife onto the cutting board.
    2. Wash off dirt and the cleanser from the knife. Then, wipe off water well from the knife with a dry cloth.
    3. Let the knife dry naturally to remove any water from it.
    ※TIPS/ Apply boiled water onto the knife if available. The boiled water will sterilize the knife and help the knife dry faster. ≪If your kitchen knife is rusted≫
    • Rub the rusted knife with the hard surface of your liquid-cleanser-applied sponge or with any proper, commercially-available, rust-removing tool. This will help you more.
    • Do not rely on your existing dish-washing or dish-drying machine to treat the knife.
      Otherwise, your kitchen knife will become deteriorated.
    • Our kitchen knife is made of very hard steel. So, you are recommended to use a soft-type wooden cutting board (just like the one made of ginkgo tree for instance) for our kitchen knife.
    • Never use our kitchen knives on any hard-surface materials such as hard-type cutting board, stones or rocks or any other solid-surfaced ones. Otherwise, our kitchen knives will become deteriorated.

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